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Richmond North Learning Centre

Customer Testimonials

As someone with considerable experience on language learning of ESL young learners, I am impressed with how the Eye Level curriculum can be individualized to suit each student's learning ability. Eye Level education starts with seeing things from the student's eye level. And because it is individualized, students are engaged and invested in their learning. They play a more active role in their own education path, which requires a lot of self-directed learning skills. As a result of attending the comprehensive training in USA, I am now the owner of the first Eye Level Learning Centre in British Columbia. 

- Jenny Chan, owner, Eye Level Richmond North


"I experienced Eye Level's effective and fun learning principles first hand when my three kids, Ethan (15), Lauren (13), and Liam (7) joined the Eye Level Math program at Richmond North. I was impressed with the results demonstrated by my children. I can already see them improving in just two months. Before they weren't very confident and often made basic mistakes, but now they are more accurate and faster at completing their work."

- Grace Ku, mom of 3 kids